These are some of the various open-source resources we use to teach students at Coding Bear Academy. This page is designed to allow our students easy access to those resources.

Font Awesome is a font and icon toolkit that can be used for inserting copyright-free icons into your websites. It was made by Dave Gandy for use with Bootstrap, but can also be used independently. The Coding Bear website itself employs Font Awesome for a variety of icons.

jQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more", JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery when it was created is to make using JavaScript on your website much easier. Although now, modern day JavaScript has caught up to jQuery and it is being phased out. Use it as little as possible.

Google Fonts makes it easy to bring the most beautiful and unique fonts to your website. Google Fonts has a robust catalog of fonts to use for your websites that are easy to add as a few clicks of a button.

Bootstrap is a framework to help you design websites faster and easier. It includes automatically styled HTML classes to put into your site for typography, forms, buttons, tables, navigation, modals, image carousels, etc.

Unsplash is a great source of copyright-free photos, videos and other media to put in as content for your websites. Unsplash is one of Coding Bear's recommended sources of high quality, watermark-free stock images for your websites or website templates.

Pixabay is another great source of copyright-free stock image and video media to put in to your website. All contents are released under the Pixabay License, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist

Lorem Picsum is designed for web developers who need to put in stock photos into a website for design purposes quickly, without care for the actual content. Picsum works by linking to their service and specifying a pixel by pixel image size and it gets automatically sourced from their library of images.

The Contrast Finder can quickly determine through it's intelligent algorithm how well two colors mathematically contrast, and may provide suggestions for two contrasting colors. Perfect for web developers.

The Mozilla Developer Network provides information and documentation about various programming language syntax and features, and learning resources for developers. The MDN is trusted by developers at companies like Google, Samsung and Microsoft.

GitHub provides a simple way for project collaboration between multiple developers using seperate computers through simplifying and improvong on Git. Think of it as a serious social networking and collaboration site for software developers.

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It is a great resource for asking and finding questions and answers to various programming problems related to simple HTML questions to advanced C syntax.